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Rhenium-188 (188Re) available from the 188W/188Re generator has been widely used in the clinical nuclear medicine arena as a therapeutic radionuclide for over thirty years. Abundant scientific literature has reported the use of 188Re for radiotherapy for a variety of applications, including the treatment of liver cancer, metastatic bone pain palliation, peptide radionuclide therapy, radioimmunotherapy, radiosynovectomy and for intravascular radionuclide therapy.

As a congener of 99mTc used in diagnosis, 188Re has several advantages as a radionuclide for targeted therapy. The high energy particles are suitable for treatment of several clinical maladies and the low abundance gamma photons provide the opportunity for theranostic applications. The availability of long-lived 188W/188Regenerator with a useful shelf-life of several months is a major advantage and offers the potential of ready on-demand availability of 188Re for in-house production of radiopharmaceuticals. Operation of a188W/188Re generator in a clinical setting can be accomplished very economically when use of 188Re is optimized for multiple clinical applications.

Despite these advantages clinical use of 188Re has been relatively limited and the number of patients benefited is not very high. The aim of the World Congress is to develop a community to discuss the benefits of 188Re for therapy and to catalyze increased clinical applications of some well established188Re radiopharmaceuticals. An additional goal will be to facilitate the development of new 188Re products. The 2WCRe will address all issues related to the clinical translation and wide scale applicationof188Re radiopharmaceuticals. The meeting will be of interest to nuclear medicine physicians and scientists working in radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, radiation biology and radiation dosimetry.

“The 2nd World Congress on Rhenium-188 (2WCRe)"

The 2nd World Congress on Rhenium-188 (2WCRe) is scheduled to be held at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital (KMCH), Coimbatore, India during August 14-15th 2017.